Sin Logba


CBR036 Max Le Daron & Joey Le Soldat - Sin Logba EP // DOWNLOAD

I call to remember African heroes
I call to not not forget them
Because they gave their lives in the name of Africa
Because they sacrified themselves in the name of everyone
So let’s keep them in our minds and let’s work to perpetuate their works

There’s a Mossi adage that says the Earth ate the men
I say the Earth ate Great Men
thus norbert zongo is gone for writing in the name of freedom
He wrote against all sorts of corruption
he wrote against the injustices of our society
he wrote against the political assassinations
he wrote in the name of Men
he wrote in the name of Women
if today it is no longer of this world it is because he sacrificed himself for all
So let’s not forget him, Keep his works in memory because it is for us to continue the work he has left
We must continue his fight

We recall thomas sankara
the man who gave his life in the name of freedom
he gave his life to save Africa from imperialism and all kinds of dependencies
his fight was to pull Africa out of the hands of the looters settlers
our duty is to remember him
while perpetuating his ideas
we recall Kwame N’Krumah
who advocated the unity of all African nations
to become stronger to withstand the pressures of the major powers
We must never forget that
we recall Patrice Lumumba
who fought for a free and independant Africa
and thus left as a martyr.
the best way to honor them is to continue on the path they have traced at the peril of their lives.


Max Le Daron

Joey Le Soldat

Edoardo Lois